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Hyderabad’s Rampant Sex Mafia

People who incessant city from different states have a grumbling about the Hyderabad city Sex Mafia. They state, ‘The city is dry,’ since they couldn’t locate a red road in the city not at all like spots like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, or Delhi where there are selective red roads accessible for the individuals who need to satisfy their desires.

Sex in Hyderabad and Sex Mafia during Past

Hyderabad was a city that offered grown-up amusement during Nizam’s period. The city’s rich and popular had selective territories for grown-up diversion Sex Mafia.

If we take the historical backdrop of Hyderabad artists’ center point Mehboob-ki-Mehendi, a center point of music and dance that had a pioneer past of having massage parlors drawing in the rich and celebrated. During the 1980s this spot was known as an official red-light zone till 1996 when the spot was at last cleared. From that point forward Hyderabad was known as a ‘dry’ city where individuals need to pick numerous underground courses to fulfill their sexual yearnings by Sex Mafia. This course is loaded with entanglements, and frequently individuals wind up losing wretchedly.

Indeed, it is legitimate that there is no red road in Hyderabad. Without the red road, the sex mafia prospers. Ladies were brought by indecent dealers. The casualties are obviously helpless ladies, widows, and young ladies who need to procure quick bucks. Prostitution is unlawful. In any case, men need to satisfy their substantial driving forces be it legitimate for unlawful individuals, pick approaches to satisfy their desire. Here comes the danger of attempt, blunder, or be effective halfway or entirely. Yet, in this cycle, many lose their important cash, assets, or status. At this stage, it is for the overall advantage of adolescents to have an intricate report featuring different tricking rehearses done for the sake of individual administrations. Let us check individually.

Existing Illegal Sex

a. The road tissue merchants Sex Mafia

Even though prostitution is unlawful in the city, ladies remove from the road from impulse. Here come two classes, the individuals who need to take care of them in one way or another and the individuals who would prefer not to work and acquire quick bucks. In territories like Secunderabad, a couple of years before many can see little youngsters in this calling Sex Mafia. They were the ones who were left by their folks in a railroad station or the ones who got away from homes because of a few or other weight. Be that as it may, this turned into major issue police mediated, and the young ladies were taken to homes for advising and restoring. How was their action?

Young ladies Sex Mafia Alluring Customers

Behind them was where the young lady must appeal to the Sex Mafia clients. The group incorporates jobless men, young ladies, and autorickshaw drivers. Pulled in by the young ladies, one will call the young lady. The young lady will take the cash ahead of time and go with the individual in an autorickshaw. While they are en route to a ‘hold up’, the young lady advises the auto to stop close to a clinical shop and advises the client to purchase condoms. When he leaves midway; the autorickshaw vanishes with the young lady.

Try not to imagine that the tricked client can go to the young lady and request his cashback. On the off chance that one endeavor, goondas will come and prevent the client and he needs to escape for his life. They will likewise go about as good police asking, ‘how could you come and assault a young lady?’ The client needs to imagine that the laws are on the ladies side and the main choice is to leave the spot discouraged.

b. Ladies Gangs in Sex Mafia

Leave the young ladies for the present; let us perceive how ladies conspire with groups and cheat the clients. Spots like Secunderabad railroad station is such a spot where a huge group travels every which way during evenings, and this is the time ladies choose to make a lot of cash rapidly with the reinforcement of posses for Sex Mafia. They offer modest sex to bait men without any problem. The hapless men go in automobiles to some obscure objective or ‘safe spot’. The posse shadow the client who is going in rikshaw. After some time, he will be encircled by a pack of good police to whom he loses cash and resources. The ladies have the last snicker, and they share the commission with the hoodlums.

Among the road substance sellers, there are two classes. Miscreants who would prefer not to work. Other people who result in these present circumstances exchange because of sheer impulse like ‘unfit to pay rents’ or ‘absence of food’ as their spouses are boozers who don’t take care of their wives appropriately. Indeed, the individuals who emerge from such impulse can’t stay in this exchange as the setup Sex Mafia will irritate them and power them to leave the spot. Also, to be effective in this exchange one ought not to have any still, small voice, and resort to cheating. Numerous newcomers won’t be that much coldblooded, and they will be cheated or mishandled and make an exit. Yet at the same time, new ones attempt their karma twice or threefold and vanish from the roads.

c. The Cheating Strategy

The road sex sellers are it ladies or young ladies have a system to swindle the guileless client. They provide a lesser cost estimate and once that sum is paid, they request a commission, envision you pay that sum likewise, they request cash for room lease expressing they have a spot. When a couple of reasonable men understand that have dished out over 4k and stop with that. They leave the spot baffled.

The individuals who take around in automobiles are the ones destined to swindle. They take you and dump someplace on the guise of purchasing condoms. In some cases, they contend for greater cost on one affection or other and compromise you to sop the administrations. At the point when you request to restore the cash, they will tell, “Cash once given can’t be restored.” The autowallah likewise will join her to shoo you away. How is it?

c. Normal and Irregular Sex Workers

At that point comes the individuals who are normal around here going to the road. The young ladies who show them are under their greasy ladies defenders or a posse watching them close by the Sex Mafia. One can go to them by facing the challenge of being irritated. If the client seems heavy or appears as though a military man, there are chances for him getting a young lady from the group as they likewise dread individuals who seem strong or persuasive. Opposite, if the individual is separated from everyone else, youngster, nitwit, or seems as though a newcomer, at that point odds of being cheated is above 95%.

Much of the time, a few ladies are being imprisoned by the police. In any case, conditions constrain some to return to this calling. The best way to get an incentive for cash is for respectable ones to keep separate from the group at a little separation and attempt their karma. With them, there are chances that one can purchase sexual administrations.

d. Where They Frequent?

Some news channels distributed how these groups cheat people in general making a major issue and might be because that whore who routinely come to Secunderabad needed to leave the calling. That doesn’t imply that they stop their Sex Mafia exchange. They go to places like KPHB, Dilkushnagar, Panjagutta, or some different places astutely concealing them from police.

These sex-laborers have become a disturbance close to the railroad station or transport remains as they get fights with men or among them that made public irritation. That is one reason police descend intensely on road sex sellers. Just experienced sex laborers who need inner voice can withstand this weight as loving ones leave the calling after being irritated twice or threefold.

What is The Modus Operandi of Cheaters?

If the sex specialist takes you with a couple of more ladies, at that point, there are chances that you wind up losing cash as they dump you someplace. A posse will follow Sex Mafia and guarantee their security.

Frequently, they advise the client to purchase condoms, the time they use to getaway.

They will offer a protected spot, and when you arrive at the zone, you can experience someone coming to disturb you. When the woman escapes with or without pardoning herself.

Unlawful Sex that is Happening in Sex Mafia

Some Avail Sex Services

Uncontrolled undermining one side, however, there are likewise benefits including some built-in costs. Albeit many are fleeced there are some who offer authentic administrations. They boast about their validity and descend intensely on the individuals who ask for cash through Paytm and other e-wallets. They are additionally a pack that acts astutely by offering administrations in pads. Reasonable individuals may figure how might they work from condos. Don’t level network fight? Truly, they have an alternate system. They pick pads in ideal places that have a blend of plugs and living arrangements. Some of the pads in that building are leased for business purposes like IT administrations focus, little organizations, shops likewise situated alongside private lofts where families live.


In such premises, more individuals come particularly outsiders for their business or occupation reason. In that compound, they will have a couple of pads taken for prostitution. The proprietor could be dwelling in the region. When you arrive at the spot, a specialist will lead you to the twofold room where the administrations are delivered. In spots like Begumpet, SR Nagar, Langer House, Dilkushnagar, Banjara Hills, Hitech city, Gachibowli there are places where clients vouched for having intercourse.

In one sense the city is dry, and yet, body shopping is widespread. This incorporates body shopping by models, understudy calls young ladies through specialists.